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- August 26th 2014 -

It has been a while, but we're hitting the stage again. Saturday September 13th we will be playing at motorclub The Lost Ones in Zierikzee. We always had a blast there, so we're looking foreward to it! Hope to see you there!

- January 11th 2014 -

It's HRIEPS time again! May 3rd we are playing at the Hrieps Muziekfestival in Grijpskerke. We will be at the rock stage in tent 3.

- March 16th 2013 -

We are working hard on building a new repertoire. As all the fans always liked our versions of Metallica songs, we decided to honour those legends by creating a setlist of only Metallica songs, from the first to the very last album.

In no way we are going to wear wigs and try to like like them and shit! We only want to bring you the best Metallica songs live.

In the meanwhile...

April 6th 2013, we are doing a gig at rockfestival Zwaanfest VI in Kapelle. We will be doing our old covers from AC/DC to Megadeth! Hope to see you there!

Zwaanfest VI

- June 12th 2011 -

Not much going on lately as we old farts need some surgery once in a while :-P

But the next gig is going to be at the Lost Ones MotorClub in Zierikzee on

September 10th. Knowing these guys, It is going to be a blast!!! We're looking foreward to it already!!


- February 20th 2011 -

Next gig is on May 7th at the Peppel in Zeist!!

We play with our old friend Adam Bomb. It is going to be a blast ;-)

- November 24th 2010 -

Sorry for not updating the site for a while. We were busy rehearsing for the gigs.

Wemelrokk was great, thank you for being there!! Aswell as the Rocknight at Heartbreak café, it was one of our best gigs, thank you again to all the fans!

Next gig is planned for December 17th at Bar American in Middelburg. We will be supported by Dan Musk, check it out!

- August 20th 2010 -

- May 27th 2010 -

Next gig is at the Grote Markt in Goes at the LIVE ON STAGE festival on July 17th!!!

AANVANG 19:00!!!!

- April 25th 2010 -

SurrenderHrieps 2010 was a great succes!!! We would like to thank the organisation and all the people who had made it possible, and of course our awesome fans!!

You can see the pictures at:


- January 2010 -

Our first gig of the year is planned on February the 6th at Café Potbelly in Limburg (www.cafepotbelly.nl). We hope to see all you great people there so we can rock the roof off of that place!!

The second gig is planned on saturday April 24th at the SurrenderHrieps festival!!

- January 1st 2010 -

OTE wishes all our fans and friends a happy new year, and may we see eachother at a lot of new gigs in 2010!!!

- November 20th 2009 -

OTE will playing at the Rocknight at Heartbreak Café in Goes. OTE will be accompanied by ROLR. The event starts at 22:00 and is free for all.

- February 16th 2009 -

OTE plays at SurrenderHrieps on Saturday April 25th at 18:00 hrs.

- February 8th 2009 -

We have updated the site a bit. Stay tuned for more updates in the next couple of weeks.

- February 3rd 2009 -

We have two gigs planned. The first one is April 17th at the Heartbreak Café in Goes. The second is on September 12th at motorclub The Lost Ones in Zierikzee. Stay tuned for more dates!

- January 2009 -

It's very hard to write 10 different songs and keep them interesting enough for ourselves and for the listeners. We now have 9 songs of which 3 are finished. We are behind scedule but we decided to take a break from writing and start playing gigs again. We also want to show you our new sensational drummer Arnoud van de Griend!!!