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...is a metalband from Zeeland (Netherlands), also known as OTE. Through the years the band developed a metal style with speed and trash influences. We call it powermetal. Brutal guitarriffs and basslicks with sometimes unexpected turns, thrusting and threatening drumparts, topped by "over the top" leadvocals supported by multi-voiced backing vocals.

In 2003 OTE switched over to the coverscene. This was meant tot be a temporary move, but it turned out so well that it was hard to let go. However, in 2007 OTE stopped doing gigs to concentrate on making own stuff again. We aim at releasing a full length CD (ca 10 songs). Meanwhile we can be booked for gigs in 2009 because we miss the stage like hell.

OVER THE EDGE is (from left to right):

Joop Blaauwkamer -
Bassguitar & Backing vocals
René Meester -
Lead vocals & Guitars
Arnoud van de Griend -
Drums & Backing vocals
Alex van der Linde -
Lead Guitar & Backing vocals



René Meester:

Starting fairly late, at the age of 19, played in several bands before (co)founding OTE. Always on the heavy side of music (hardrock - metal). True survivor of the usual pains bands go through. Can't resist the urge to open his big mouth and abuse his guitar. He's the lead-singer and second guitarist of the lot.

Joop Blaauwkamer:

Beat up his partly self-designed drumkit and switched over to the bassguitar well before joining OTE in 1995. Joop has a very wide musical interest, but prefers playing the more bassloaded hardrock and heavy metal songs. Like René he started playing when he was 19. Always ready to supercharge the few silent parts in the songs with his bass. Joop also contributes with backing vocals.

Alex van de Linde:

Not your average guitarist, Alex started on drums when he was 13. After hearing Satriani he decided to trade in the sticks for plectrums. In no time he mastered the six string so well that he was declared "Guitar-guru". In 2000 Alex teamed up with Joop and René. Never too tired to literally rock your socks off and stun you with his excellence. Alex is the lead guitarist and backing vocals.

Arnoud van de Griend:

Started drumming long before he learned to walk. Doublebass is his middlename. Arnoud has a broad musical horizon; ranging from country to death-metal. Mike Portnoy and Mike Mangini are the ones to equal or better yet beat. In august 2007 he took over the drums in OTE, to full satisfaction of the other bandmembers. Arnoud also completes the backing vocals.



www.popfotograaf.nl about supportact for Adam Bomb in Musicon:

"Over The Edge is cool. Covers as they we're meant to be!! Good show guys. Sure to check them out again"

3 voor 12 (Den Haag, VPRO) about supportact for Adam Bomb in Musicon:

"Over The Edge was very successful. A lot of banging and dancing going on. Songs were covered very well."

John van den Borne about participation to The Clash Of The Cover Bands:

"Over The Edge made a deep impression. This four-man Powerrock coverband gave everyone, their fans in particular, an unforgettable half hour. Over The Edge stunned the jury with songs of AC/DC (amongst others)."